I am excited to have added panoramic formats to our collection, via high quality photographic vinyl.    As options to my photographic outputs (in the Purchase Prints menu) I have added panoramic banners as wide as *16 feet wide.  These are high quality photographic resolution vinyls.

Be sure, that this is not cheap banner material but very high quality goods, suitable for personal or professional purpose, indoor or out.  This is absolutely worthy of framing, should you choose to.  We do not yet have an on line cropper to show you which sizes fit what content, but we're seeking one.   Meanwhile, after your purchase I'll show you what is possible with your chosen image (I have some trix) and if non of them are acceptable, you can choose either another image, or request a refund, no problem.

THESE images have been made to play nice with panoramic formats.  But we can likely make any (reasonable) image work.

Contact me for a quote (send the size requested).  As with the other services I offer, art layout is included (layout of already existing photos or graphics).  For custom designed image modification/creation, I quote that on a per job basis, but nothing I do is more than $100, most about $50.   Text is always included at no cost.



*Vinyls larger than ten feet in length are shipped as freight and we therefore must charge additionally as required.
Contact us with your zip code and desired size, and we'll find out what the costs will be.