The Elephant In The Room

This service uses a professional signage material, produced by a professional sign company.  And so, we start with the most obvious of uses, the 8 foot sign.

Why do we see so many 8 x 4 foot signs?   Both simple and obvious of an answer.  You can't get more convenient than a common size that you can pick up at any lumber supply house, and you don't even need a saw.  But at the very most, for weather treated quality plywood suitable for signage construction, you're looking at a maximum of $30.   Add two 4x4 posts, a shovel and a bottle of Tylenol and you can own a professional level sign with bill-board level graphics for less than $350

To hire a professional sign company to design a professional level, billboard quality graphic image, produce a sign grade (NOT Banner Vinyl) PHOTO QUALITY COLOR veneer, and build / install the sign mount for you, priced out the door would cost you well in excess of $1000.

Tell me what you'd like to see on a sign and I'll build it.  You need a sense of humor behind your art?   You got it?   Tell me what you're selling and to whom you're selling it and give me a day or three.  The images I produce ARE projects, which I love to have fun in producing.  Isn't that what everyone's dream is... to enjoy what they do?  I don't believe a person's marketing should be sterile.  No one really notices sterile ads.  I enjoy using photo-graphics to communicate; To be able to reach down into someone's soul and tell the story in a flash of an instant.