6 x 2 Foot Vinyl

I have added banner grade (13oz) vinyl to our product line.  While my focus will be on photo grade vinyl due to the format and purpose of this project,  Here is why.

Honestly, the actual output to the vinyl by our sign company is outstanding and exactly the same regardless of grade of vinyl.  And so, the reason I added banner grade materials to the list is that not everyone requires long term us of their purchase, so why pay for that?   UNLESS ... photo image quality matters.

While the printing is identical, the texture pattern of the receiving material affects the perceived image quality of the print upon it.  Consider the difference in using photo paper in your home inkjet printer, or normal tablet paper of the same size.   Which looks better?    The photo grade vinyl (my term) has a very tight, fine texture upon it and therefore receives the ink from the jet more finely, showing more detail.  In addition, it is also a much heavier grade (18oz) and will therefore last you longer than two or three years.

Since the images in this gallery are specifically designed and formatted for the size intended (no cropping required) there is no need to send you over to our gallery to order.  Instead, we use good ole PayPal for that.  In your order request, simply enter the number of the image you wish to utilize, for example "EI-1-2x6-Pano_77"

I offer text layout, without additional fee, which makes this offer a very affordable option to your professional needs, as well as your personal / art needs.  Simply add your desired text to your order, or contact me after purchase.  Custom graphic work is also available at affordable fee.  Ask me for a no obligation quote if you have something special in mind.

These banners are great for hard to please folks during gift time, and with the text placement can be personalized for your occasion.  The cool part (at least for me) is that they are not plain text on a simple background, rather they are works of art in their own right.  FULL color in the sign industry is BRILLIANT.

  • FREE Text Layout

    Most services either offer you do it yourself, on line templates from which to choose, OR charge you "bench time" for custom design.   I offer a completely custom text layout and design inclusive of my fee.

  • FREE Overnight Shipping

    All of my products land in your hands just 48 hours after your approval.  If you have requested custom text or custom graphics work, then I will not submit your work for printing until AFTER you have given me a thumbs up on your job.  

These 400+ images are in no particular order, kind of for the same reason the supermarket keeps the eggs and bread in the back of the store ...  and to clear your palate with crackers before that next taste of wine.   I also do not ever try to answer "where was that taken?", because the purpose of these collections is art and beauty, and many of those locations are even non existent (modified or computer generated).

If this product line proves to be of interest, I will certainly be adding to it.  If you have a suggestion or request for something in this collection, please hit me up.  I'd be glad to hunt down images for your project (and add to this collection).  Many of these are GREAT for kids rooms.  Some are obviously for the sole purpose of hosting text, while other images stand on their own as art.  Many of these images are suitable for scripture and make excellent and affordable Church displays.

With or without text, our photo grade product is $75 and our banner grade is $44.    After approval (if you have custom requests) you will have your banner in hand two (business) days later.

Enjoy the images and let your imagination soar!


Six foot Panoramic Vinyl
Six foot Panoramic Vinyl