Restaurant Wall Menu

The Photo-Graphic Veneer makes excellent wall mount menus as it offers high resolution at large sizes so even your tiny text remains sharp and easy to read.   Full range color means that your foot insets contained in your layout will look as good as printed photographs.  And our 8 foot sheets can be cut into a number of smaller sizes for both, indoor and outdoor placements.

If you do not wish for an 8x4 foot menu, you can alternatively have TWO 4x4 signs, TEN, 24x18 size menus, or a number of other sizes as they fit onto an 8x4 sheet, all for the same low price of our 8 foot photo-veneer, or $249. I charge no multiple print or cutting fees.  Your art and layout, production and overnight fedex to your doorstep are all offered at no additional cost.

PG Veneer is easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap and has a life expectancy of between 5 and 8 years against fading and cracking.  It is priced reasonably making even annual replacement within budget if required.