Needing Resellers


I'm guessing if you're reading this page, you are a (potential) reseller.

What makes this service unique is that I'm using services from the professional sign industry to output high end products that are photo-graphic in nature.  This means that in BOTH industries (Signage and Art), I'm offering something that is not easily found elsewhere.  And where you CAN find comparable products, they cost FAR more than our BillyBoards.  What I see here as a result, is a huge opportunity, where things that were not financially feasible before, become an easier choice.

Regardless of if your client is needing that miniature billboard or that indoor menu, this material is perfect.  A pure snow white and fine texture holds print with an almost photographic result with pure tones and at a high resolution, producing razor sharp results even when viewed close up.  It is also fade resistant (with an estimated life span of up to 8 years) and completely weather resilient.  And with the right image, a BillyBoard can reach down into someone's heart and SAY, what would have otherwise taken pages of text.

This material is a professionally produced (just for the sign industry) polystyrene based film that is tough in the elements, doesn't wrinkle, bubble, stretch or tear like vinyl solutions can, making installation hassle free.  We offer wholesale rates to those who can prove that they are in a related business (carpenters, interior designers, etc) along with the availability of customized marketing materials and samples.

Not only is what I offer unique (material and images we create) but the affordability of this service opens up potential for things that were previously financially infeasible.  From an Art point of view, having an 8 x 4 foot (or larger) wall covering is awesome but traditionally cost prohibitive to most.  Our photographic  veneers are sold by the 8x4 foot sheet and we can either fill the sheet with a single image, or with smaller, multiple panels for smaller output.  Or we can build something multi-paneled (the same way they put together a bill-board), if you require larger.  And we do this for FAR less money than alternative sources.   And what could be better, from a signage point of view than high quality, full color head-turners that are weatherproof AND more affordable?   My retail (on site) price for an 8 foot photo-veneer is $249 and that includes art images, text layout and FedEx delivery.   YOUR wholesale cost is $149, giving you more room for your pricing and profits.

Benefit for Resellers include, offering something no one else is offering (for the price), at a profit.   You will profits from not only what I generate, but also from the mount(s) you offer and installation.  Spending less money on the photo-veneer means you can save a client money AND make a nice profit while doing it.

Add to that the artistic capacities to modify, manipulate, composite, and visually augment about anything to suit client requirements and this is one amazing service / product.  Even if you find a local company to offer what we do, the cost would be much, MUCH higher.

Due Diligence

Look For Yourself! The Signmakers Challenge!

In fact that is one thing you can do in your process of deciding if this offer is worth your time.  Call any local sign shop you wish and give them the following specs:


  1. The design and layout of PHOTOGRAPHIC art work targeted for 8x4 foot output
  2. The cost of production for an 8x4 foot PHOTOGRAPHIC QUALITY RIGID veneer to cover your sign mount with, made with professional sign materials suitable for weather.  Tell them you need a life span of between 5 to 8 years.
  3. A sign mount of your choice (cheapest) to hold the sign you are ordering, Including the cost of the lumber.
  4. Installation of your sign / sign mount, completely done and out the door.


The Signmakers Challenge!


You will find that to complete the project, including art charges, printing (production), shipping, installation of the veneer onto 8x4 flat mount and fasten that to two 4x4 supports that are concreted into position will quote out at over $1000

Contractors will benefit in several ways.  By providing something no one else is offering in our style and at this cost, you create potential for a sale with clients that you wouldn't have otherwise had the chance to show off for.  A niche service like this can be the excuse to get you "in the door" at new client locations.  Just like YOUR business, 8x4 foot photo-veneers is NOT all we produce.  This sign offer is MY foot in with YOU and your clients.  So, in addition to profits from veneers and mounts, you also gain a new potential marketing demographic.

I have an offer for those businesses that wish to resell BillyBoards.   The wholesale cost of the veneer, from which you create a BillyBoard is $149.  You, as the contractor/reseller will use spray on adhesive (or contact cement) to fasten the photo-veneer to a 4x8 sheet of material and mount that onto your support (4x4's or other).   Billyboards last up to 8 years, and appear as sharp and vibrant as professional photographic prints, even at 4x8 feet.   They make great mini billboards, but also make great menu's, jumbo art for large spaces (lobbies, waiting rooms, etc), tour information, and any publicly displayable purpose, indoors or out.

The photographic prints we offer are first processed in a way that is described in our "About" section.  These files are NOT the ones collected from the archives, as those would never enlarge to look as sharp and as vibrant as the files I have created.  Then these files are printed by one of the nation's largest and highest quality sign producers in the industry.  They ship the next day, Fedex overnight, so you get them fast.

Interior designers (and businesses like them) can offer jumbo prints, suitable for lobby and any large format display you may require.  With an OUTDOOR rating of 8 years, this rugged material can be washed and kept vivid for the life of the product.


The ElecTrick Image project makes a good addition to any Interior Designers toolbox.

I work in more than just Photo-Veneer

I can also provide:

Standard Banner Vinyl (three grades)     ||     Window Films     ||     Non slip floor vinyls
Vehicular Vinyl     ||     Full Color Vehicular Magnets

What if you are not a contractor or an interior designer, but still want to resell this product line?   If you have a legitimate situation that enables you to sell this stuff, then I'd be foolish to turn down your interest.  You may own a store front in a prime location or you run an outreach program and you're interested in marketing this to your local churches and organization.   Lord-Boards (eye candy including scripture or "Jesus is Coming are you Ready?" ) are a common sight around where I live.

As mentioned, wholesale pricing on photographic veneer is $149/4x8 sheet.  That includes any requested text, so that the art may be used as a sign.  Wholesale for my photo prints is 20%.

I charge more for custom image work, which I'll quote per job.  Photoshop is capable of many things but there are limitations (of both, the software AND the artist) If you have a "can we" question from a client, just pick up the phone and call / text me.  You'll have the number to do that with when you come aboard.

Thank you your interest and for considering joining services with me as a co-free lance.  If you have questions or wish to kick around some project thoughts, please DO contact me!