Lawn Art

I live in an area of the country where folks aren't afraid to declare their religious beliefs.  In fact we wear this proudly with such messages as "Jesus is Coming, are you ready?" displayed on the front lawn.   Some churches also often posted, heartfelt messages and scripture on their front lawns.   Why not turn those into works of art with full color materials and no visual limitations other than our imaginations?

If you would like a custom created Photo-Veneer with your churches logo and message, don't hesitate to give me a shout.  And if your cause is an outreach program, I will take $100 off your photo-veneer.   It is always an honor to help those who help others.

I'm a big believer in helping outreach programs in any way I can.  If you think of a way this service can help your cause, please do feel free to contact me.  I can provide anything from lawn signs to 16 x 10 vinyls / banners.