Hall Wall Runners

Photo-Graphic Veneer can be cut into a number of sizes including 8 foot runs of one and two foot high.   This means you can print whatever you'd like, in full photographic glory, down a hallway of any length in multiples of 8 feet.   You can print photo images of your entire staff with titles against any background you'd like.   You can print a repeating pattern of any kind for decor.  Or, how about directions to given areas with arrows?

PG Veneer is kept clean using warm water and a wee bit of dishsoap.  PG Veneer is even weatherproof for outdoor application, so surely removing fingerprints from this material is easy and fast.   With each sheet of veneer you would get TWO, 2x8 foot runs, OR FOUR, 1x8 foot runs.  At less than 8 bucks a square foot, delivered this is only limited by your imagination.