Free Lance Marketers / Resellers wanted

Thanks for checking out my service.   Without retelling my story and what this service is for, I would request spending a bit of time and looking over this site in some careful way, to be sure you are indeed interested.  I'd hate to waste either of our time.

I've been a free lance, visual arts specialist for a long time.  I do business the same way contractors and subcontractors do business.  It's the same exact business relationship, as this is what free lancers DO.  If you are a professional marketing free lance, that's great I'd love to talk to you.  If you're not, then that's fine too, as long as you are interested in BECOMING one.  Really it's no different than other kinds of sales endeavors, only you work for yourself.  Self employment has it's up side(s) and it's down.   And it's surely not for everyone.  Not only have I BEEN a small business all of my adult life, but I have made it my living to service small business as well.  And so I'm a bit versed in the structure and process of this business model.

If you ARE a contractor, then I'm interested in your as well.   Keep reading to find out why.  Having swung a hammer for a while also, I know it's not an easy living.  AND it's VERY competitive.  What if you had something to offer that the others didn't?

If you read over my site and services, you know that I'm doing something a bit "out of the box".  Something that I believe is going to become "a thing".   I'm using high quality imagery on things that don't usually utilize them.  I'm also using these images on high quality signage materials; Something not typically done or at least until now.

For the business in need of outdoor signage, this means a mini-billboard for less than the price of a professional, comparable sign from your local shop.  For the local church this means a piece of religious art with scripture of their choice, on a QUALITY structure on their front lawn.   For the restaurant or banquet hall, is some amazing jumbo art and/or menus.    Honestly, this opens up so many possibilities, I'm going to have to start blogging (in the plans) just to talk about them all, as I (or someone) thinks them up 😉

And, so back to the point.  I'm a service provider.  My sign company ships FexEx overnight ANYWHERE in the country which is a great thing for us both.   I am going to take great advantage of this point.  You will have your full color Polystyrene in hand, just 48 hours (Mon-Fri) after we finalize the art, and the installation is stupid simple.   About a dozen lightweight clamps and a can of spray on adhesive and you're about done.

But WAIT, there's more!  (always wanted to say that...)

Not only do you get to profit from MY work, but if you're a contractor (or USE one) reselling these services, you also make money on as many sign mounts as you decide to offer.  The basic of course is the ole, two 4x4's and a sheet of plywood mount, and even on THAT you will profit.  If you decide to hand craft a high end sign mount for a specific purpose, indoor or out, that would likely earn you more profit and the actual sign.  The point is, selling these signs will get you those kinds of jobs in the first place, which I believe might give a talented contractor/salesperson a good edge.

If you're interested in becoming the ElecTrick Image contact in your area, please fill out the form below.  I will be adding a "contact us at" page which will list all of the resellers I have.  I will be offering the product at a retail price to those who visit this sight as a retail customer, so your clients can't get around you,  and I don't offer an installation service at all, so...   having installers / resellers listed on this site must happen

Give me a hollar and let's get some business happening!


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