Jumbo Photo-Graphic Art

Our jumbo prints are printed onto the very same Photo-Veneer material that our signs are printed onto.  This means that they are indoor/outdoor capable and are as tough as nails against the elements, and are easy to clean.   They make great art prints for hospitals, medical buildings, library and municipal buildings, motels and hotels, or in large rooms such as banquet halls and grand lobbies of all kinds, in our 8x4 foot size.  They can be printed in multi-panels for even larger art.  This material is $249 per 4x8 sheet, or just under $8/SF for sizes smaller than full sheets.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.  Have a special project not mentioned on these pages?   Contact me anyway, as a 40+ year veteran of the Visual Arts, there is good chance I can find a way to tackle your project.