About The Project

The Internet brings with it so many wonderful resources including images that can be freely used for any purpose, including commercially.   In fact, there is a LOT of this available, and finding the right quality is sometimes a challenge, if high quality is your goal.  And what if you don't understand all the technical stuff?  After all, the right resolution image must be prepared for the right product and then there are aspect ratios to consider when sizing your art, etc.  This project aims to find, process and tweak to create the highest quality images, for the purpose of art and marketing.  This is quite the challenge, even for someone with 40 years experience.
All product costs, on orders of $50 or more, will INCLUDE text and layout, so that this visual product line can be used for commercial purpose.  Indoor / Outdoor signs, instruction, historic info, religious lawn and scripture art of all sizes for the church, and virtually any project that requires both, images and text.   Custom work on images, will come with a nominal fee, based on $25/hour.  All jobs are quoted in advanced, so there are no surprises.   And so whatever you choose here, can be used for pure art or for your marketing endeavors, each at the same low cost.
Ranging from affordable photographic vinyls to our higher end "Photo-Veneer" you can count on top of the line quality on all counts and for all budgets.  Useful for putting LARGE art in indoor space such as reception halls, office buildings and museums, this service will also save you money.  This can also be used to create an attractive menu for a restaurant, or to put an 8 foot group portrait of the CEO's in the lobby.  This means you can build a full commercial quality sign for less than $400, even now with the cost of wood.  Or, if your needs are short term, and logivity of the product is not an issue, we offer full photographic quality, vinyl signs and banners for much lower cost.  This range of high quality, affordable output makes it viable to use in places that would have otherwise been financially infeasible.  
I also provide a full service, traditional four color print service, including full color business cards, post cards and jumbo cards from these images at a surprising affordable cost.  Print your business message on the rear of any image you find here, or have me build an image for you.  The best you can do with this sort of product is to use an image that would be of interest to your demographic, and that few would toss into the round file.
Or, decorate the offices in a medical building with our Photo-Graphic Veneer at any size required, down to the nearest inch.  Our Veneer can be mounted on any flat surface, using industrial adhesive spray, silicon glue or contact cement, or they may be traditionally mounted and framed.  These prints are visually, razor sharp and impressively vibrant.  They can be cleaned and are designed for longevity.  
Art prints are custom orders.  Since we must print on panels of 8x4 feet in size, unless you order a full sheet worth of art, the package is shipped to my office for sorting, and your custom order will be shipped from the RCMedia office space, rather than dropped shipped directly to you.  This will delay your shipment by three business days or so.