8x4 Foot Photo-Graphic Veneer

...  is the basis for our BillyBoards, or miniature billboards.   They are convenient (the size of a sheet of plywood), cost effective and easy to mount and display with just two posts, two holes and some basic tools.  Other 8x4 signs are painted, drawn, stenciled, traced and covered over with banner vinyl.  But; they LOOK hand made.    And between design, production and installation, to get one professionally put in (from a traditional sign company) would cost WELL more than $1000.

EIS provides a way for you to generate a BETTER professional sign and for far less money.  We CAN offer banner vinyl for covering if you wish and it will save you about $70, but I have found a far better solution in using Our Photo-Graphic Veneer   Signage Grade Photo-Veneer is a tough, snow white material that works very well as a print surface.  It won't stretch, bubble, wrinkle or tear, lasts FAR longer than banner vinyl and looks better too.   

For The Business / Do It Yourself owner

Times are tough, and spending big bucks on a sign or a large wall covering, is just not in the cards.  These 8 foot veneers are perfect for fastening to flat surfaces, indoor or out. With a can of spray-on adhesive and a few lightweight clamps, you can be done in a day.  And they look great too.  In fact, for me (an artistic photographer) this fact right there is the point!

For The Contractor / Reseller

The savings this service represents offers great opportunity to the entrepreneurially minded.   Not only can you earn profits from marking up MY services (and product) but you can profit from any number of mount designs with which to mount these on as well.  AND, likely you'll be the only game in town for offering these services.   If this entices you at all, give me a hollar to discuss it.   I am a semi-retired guy, and promise not to hit you up with annoying, corporate follow ups 😉

These products are hand designed and formatted with every purchase.  No two projects are ever exactly the same.  And so the way this works is that you would contact me with your project specs (what you need exactly), and I will follow up with a request for a $49 non-refundable deposit (via PayPal). 

$249 is the total cost of a Photo-Graphic Veneer and this includes design and layout, text layout, the production of your product and even FedEx overnight right to your door.   After you approve your art work, you will be billed for your balance.  Upon payment of your balance I will submit your work which takes one day to print and one day to ship (you'll have it in two business days).  I can generally get your art done in two or three days.  But if a total of about a week is not fast enough, I DO offer a rush service.

This is a completely manual process, and as such I simply bill out via PayPal (or Square) invoice.    Contact me using the form below to get the ball rolling.   


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