• 8 x 4 Foot Photo Veneer


    • Full Color outdoor signage - mini billboards, barn art.  
    • Art for churches, reception halls, office buildings, or even outdoor art/scripture.
    • Directions, maps, menus, special event boards


    Think out of the box.  Affordable production of this kind of product opens up a great many uses that would have otherwise been cost prohibitive.  

Visually Breaking Boundaries

Welcome to RCMedia's Electrick Image Studio. This is a world without visual boundaries. A place where technology intersects imagination, building imagery that can be output to a pocket or the side of a building.


The images in our archive are for the purpose of art AND marketing, and so expect to find images that work on a wall, all by themselves and those images that are only components of some larger project, including marketing, instructional, or perhaps a menu at your shop.  The possibilities are endless

Maximum Flexibility

Most (not all) images in this collection are from "free to use, even for commercial purpose" sites. Those that aren't are either self generated (I am a photographer) or otherwise legally acquired. In ALL cases, the images are being legally used. 


For our starting collection of images, I sorted through more than 16,000 images.  The images I chose are formatted to ultra high resolution using a processing formula that I have devised for my own works.  The images I send to print are able to sustain large format output with little to zero noise or distortion while maintaining razor sharp image quality.  But merely having an archive of images is not the magic here, but rather what CAN BE DONE with those.   

  • Quality, Affordable Wall Decor


    Offices, hospitals, and any commercial environment in need of themed and unique imagery.  

    • Veterinary / groomer waiting rooms
    • Tattoo/adult bookstore themed images
    • Fantasy and child themed images
    • Many niche themed images